Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Click on this picture to see it magnified.

So here is the answer to yesterday’s post.

Upon close inspection, this art piece was made of

a lot of flotsam and jetsam…..a large part of it was

made from rubber bands….small ones and large ones….

I don’t know if they were dyed or just came in these

odd colors.

I thought that was the most surprising part….rubber bands…

who knew?!

It also contained lots of ropes, strings, and perhaps

t-shirt material.

Mainly things that most people throw away.

Now that you’ve seen this, does it make you look at things

differently?  Would you ever try to hook with things like this?

I just love how when you are far away it looks like a mossy mat,

but when you get up close it’s not moss at all.


  1. I love this. You really can hook with any thing. I saw a piece that was hooked with chip bags.

  2. I never thought that someone would use rubber bands as they get brittle with age, but it's sure different.


  3. Take this as a compliment!!!!
    I could so see this piece in your home. I just love it.
    Kenny would look so cute, lounging across this rug.


  4. How neat . . . are you going to start hooking with rubber bands? I used ziploc bags once . . . . Thanks for stopping by the other day, and for the sound advice.


  5. Tammy, I've been allocated 5 sites to award a Liebster Blog Award for inspiration and interest. I love your blog, so thought you should share this award too. Please check back to my blog to copy the award button and pass it on. Best wishes! --Melanie