Sunday, January 30, 2011

Waiting for blooms!

My progress since yesterday………

I’ve decided to leave the leaf “as-is” for now and just work on the background, then I’ll go back and fix it….I’m tired of spinning my wheels on fiddling with one thing that is making me crazy….I got quite a bit hooked yesterday…..the background is looking a little stripey, but will go back and tweak that last as well.

Do you think Kenny is ready for spring to get here?


This is a vignette he created last week with lots of his vintage pottery.


  1. Your work is so inventive and vibrant! Love it! I also love the pottery display. I collect vintage flower pots too.

  2. Love all of it! Tammy, your rugs are absolutely the best thing every!!! Really, I've not seen anything like it. Also, simply adore all Kenny's vintage pots! And I'm definitely going to have to try out the Millionaire Mocha... just my thing!

  3. you are just plain talented with your hooking and color choices.

    what medium are you hooking on?

  4. Tammy, I literally gasped when I saw your 3 rugs together! They are just breathtaking -- your colors are so beautiful and work well together and your hooking is awesome. Your creativeness really shows through with these rugs. I am ready to just crawl inside them for a breath of Spring air!! You Go Girl! Jeanne L.