Sunday, January 16, 2011

Play time

It seems most of the time, the only time I can get pics of my dogs is when they are lounging around (they do that a lot), but today I caught them playing with each other.

Cleopatra: Wanna play with me?

Lonnie: Sure

Lonnie:  I’ll make myself smaller for you

Cleopatra: Thanks, you are kinda big!

Lonnie: Promise you won’t get too ruff?

Cleopatra: I’ll seal the deal with a kiss.

Cleopatra: Get me!

Cleopatra has a mean upper cut!

Lonnie: I thought you said you wouldn’t be ruff!

Lonnies left upper cut is not as strong as Cleopatra’s

Cleopatra: He’s fast!

Lonnie: Neener, neener, neener       You can’t get me up here!

Cleopatra: You are so crazy!

Lonnie and Cleopatra: That made us tired.

Lonnie and Cleopatra: Lounging is always a good pastime.


  1. oh, funny! Made my day...thanks.

  2. Loved this! So cute! You really do wondering what they are thinking and saying to each other!

  3. Don't you love watching them playing and being affectionate!? It's so cute! You are lucky they get along so well!
    Your living room looks great!
    Cathy G

  4. Tammy I love your dog at play pictures. Too cute.

    This morning I caught one of my barn cat going to Football, one of my calf who has two black spots under her eyes and the cat touched the calf on the nose with his paw and the calf touched her nose on the cat's nose and they went on like that for three times. My husband and I were watching with amusement as this was going on. JB

  5. Tammy ~
    So cute! Hopscotch wants to play so badly but Loocie wants no part of it. Luckily when Hopscotch goes to her forever home next week, she will have 2 new playful pug siblings and a fenced yard to go crazy in.
    Hugs :)

  6. Those two are just adorable, and you know I mean it! I just LOVE these photos......what sweet babies they are!

  7. It's so awesome that pet owners get to do "dialogue" and other pet owners totally understand.

    Thanks for sharing - very fun indeed.