Saturday, January 8, 2011

2 Down, 1 to Go!

Last night I finished my 2nd garden rug.  Kind of embarrassing at how long it’s taken me to get through this project, but I have to remember, it’s the journey, not how fast you get there that counts!

I haven’t posted about the garden rugs in a while…..there are three of them all together…..the third one is about 1/2 hooked and I’d like to get that finished in time to take all 3 of them to the hook-in at Lenexa, KS which is at the end of February.

My husband, Kenny, drew out the patterns, so I want them to be really good…..maybe that has given me a bit of anxiety, but now that I have the 2nd one done it’s given me fuel to go ahead and tackle number 3 with a bit more gusto!

Garden Rug #2


Binding around that little stem that sticks out at the bottom right was tedious! I used bias quilt binding tape to bind this rug and a very small diameter cording.

The tendrils for the leaves were fun to make…..just a simple chain stitch.


I hooked some areas of the rug higher to make it more textural and give it more interest.

I also added felted beads…..

As well as some little stuffed bleeding hearts……

My goal for January is to have rug #3 completely hooked……off I go!


  1. Very nice! They're gonna look great on your wall!!!

  2. Oh Tammy, your rugs are absolutely breath taking. You are so fortunate to have such a talented husband to help you with your craft. Your work is so well done. I can't wait to see all three of them lined up on your wall.

    I'm sending you a little burst of hooking positive energy your way.I'm sure that you will have them ready in time. JB

  3. You two make quite a team. These rugs are beautiful and so unique. It will be a marvelous area when you do the third and hang them. Enjoying your posts...

  4. Oh Dear Tammy, don't even worry. You have a way about you of finishing things Just when they need be. Maybe your time or someone elses, it always works out and everything you finish is always BEAUTIFUL, so maybe worth the wait!
    Still haven't drawn my new pattern. Tomorrow for sure!
    xo, Sheri Have a great week.