Sunday, January 9, 2011

The dream list

Here is a picture of garden rug #3 in progress……I’m feeling rather lost on this one…..


However, I’m going to make myself charge on so I can finish it, and then hopefully finish this….

I started this penny rug probably 3 yrs ago and it’s been sitting in a bag waiting to be completed…..I think I will stitch it onto some plum colored wool and make it into a pillow…..want to have this finished by the end of February, in time for spring…..

Ahhh, the promise of blank linen…..just waiting to have something drawn up….these pieces will be made into runners…..


  1. Very beautiful and that piece of plain linen looks awfully tempting...Go for it....

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  3. Let's try this again... With your creative imagination Tammy, I'm sure that your rug will be awesome.

    How I would like to have your piece of linen backing. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's property... but very tempting.

    I wish when I make a mistake I could edit my comment but they slip by. JB

  4. I love doing wool applique but haven't been able to do much lately. Your work is beautiful. Jan

  5. I see your dilemma! To hook or wool applique! Both projects look stunning and the blank linen gets my fingers itchy too!
    Have fun!
    Cathy G

  6. Tammy ~
    Your garden rugs are so creative! Love the penny rug you are making.
    Hugs :)

  7. Tammy,

    Don't think I have ever not loved your rugs. Glad to see you hooking again.

  8. I keep thinking about your garden rug as I painstakingly try and get mine designed. I've been drawing lots of pictures, putting them on red dot, and then.... usually while doing yoga... I completely change the rug around in my mind. Anyway... your work is absolutely gorgeous, as per usual! I can't wait to see all three panels hung!