Thursday, January 6, 2011


I’m learning….or perhaps realizing…that life is a series of choices.

This year I’m making choices that make me happy.

Last night I chose going to the gym and then coming home and walking the dogs as it was getting dark and then savoring the delicious chili that Kenny had made when he got home from work, rather than going to the library to rug hook. By doing this I was able to savor these wonderful parts of my day that I really look forward to, rather than getting home and being a hag and being all “hurry up…we’ve got to walk the dogs and do this and do that because I have to be here or there at this certain time”.  It was nice to come home and enjoy the walk at the park and then have a cocktail with yummy chili and then curl up and watch “The Fashion Show” and really luxuriate in the moment.


Work has been slow, so I’ve chosen to take a couple of vacation days and be at home rather than sitting at work with little to do.

This morning I’m choosing to have a healthy breakfast and some coffee while I get caught up with my favorite blogs.

Then I’m going to put on some clothes that make me happy

let's have some FUN :))
and organize a few things that have gotten out of control (laundry, my closet, hooking room, my car).  I’m finding that when I have things a bit more organized it makes me feel really peaceful
….it’s nice to open a cabinet and have glasses that match or clothes that are organized by color rather than having to dig to find everything…..this has been a long journey for me and it continues to be a journey for sure!

I read an article the other day about “enough-ism

I feel like I have everything I need….don’t get me wrong, I still like to shop, but it’s easier for me to get rid of things in my life that aren’t working or that I’m not using. I don’t feel the need to “hold on” to lots of “stuff”.

Then, from the same website where I read about enough-ism, low and behold they have an article about “being-ness”, that I’m sharing with you here.

The questions that I hear most after the holidays are:

1.       What did you get?

2.       Where did you go?

3.       What did you do?

It seems to me that our current economy is fed by our answers to these 3 questions:

“I got all the stuff that I saw advertised that I believed that I had to have;” “I went to Tahiti to escape the winter weather and to acquire a nice golden tan that all my colleagues would be envious of;”  “I did as many water sports as I could and saw as many sights as possible so that I would have some great photos to post on my Facebook page.”

Hmmmm.  Was this all really for me or was it just out of my “need” to keep up with the Joneses? Who are the Joneses anyway and why should they have anything to do with how we present ourselves to the world?

What if we were to take a step back for a moment and explore our “being-ness” – who we are and how we “be” in the world.  If for only a moment we could not be doing something, not thinking about what we are going to do next, what we are going to buy next, what we are going to consume next.  But to just be with who we are.

What would it be like if each of us were to truly “be” with our authentic selves in each moment?  To “be” without any regard to what the Joneses are doing or thinking about us.  Would we entertain the same desires? Would we wear the same clothes? Would we drive the same cars?  Would we hang out with the same friends?  Would we work the same jobs?  Would we discover that we have fewer needs?  And if we discovered that we had fewer needs, could we work less hours?  And if we all consumed less (due to fewer needs) and worked less hours, might this lead to a more balanced economy?

Just something to think about,



  1. It is nice to do the things that are important to us; although I know hooking is important but so is our dog's health plus our own....
    Ya, Christmas makes us lazy, I think...getting back to normal life is great.....

  2. I love this post, Tammy! You have a good handle on life ~ and you're always are questing for more understanding! Me, too! People don't ask me anymore "what did you get" because Sonny and I don't give gifts to each other ~ we have 'enough' ~ and we finally understand that! Love it that you gave up going out to hook to spend a leisurely evening at home ~ those times are really important! Have fun getting organized ~ I'm working on it!

  3. Love this post. Seems I know so many people asking themselves these questions. A lot to contemplate. Enjoy your day off. I'm working at Leola's. Jan

  4. Love your puppers! I'm a rescue foster person and wonder where you got the "Adopt a friend" tag on the right side of your blog? Love it!

  5. I have heard reports that because people are saving more and doing with out more that is the reason we have not rebounded as fast as we should. I say do we need to get back there in the first place? I came to your mind set a lot of years ago when we moved to a new place and I stayed home with my daughter. I loved it so much it changed the way I thought about many things. Such as retirement because I am heading there faster than I think. Do we really need all that money to travel to some far off place, big expensive homes and hobbies? I want to be home more that is the reason for retirement. I want to spend time with my new grandchild. have more gatherings in my house. Well you know what I mean. You were right to take that walk enjoy your day because if it comes to choices I always chose by saying if I am on my death bed will I be happy I chose this. that is what really matters.
    sorry this is so long winded you just struck a cord with me.

  6. Tammy, you've got it all figured out. There's more to life than appearances. You have to be true to your own self to be at peace. Here's to to you dear friend. Be happy and at peace in 2011. JB

  7. Tammy...I've been thinking along the same line. Beautiful post! There are so many other more important more meaningful things to do with your life. I think it comes with a level of maturity and contentment. Have a beautiful day!

  8. This is the same way I felt this year, in fact several over 40 women that I know have said the same thing! I started curves, a knitting group at my house and i bought a new pink bathrobe and slipper set that has paw prints, why? just cause it made me smile! Keep it going!