Sunday, January 23, 2011

Body, Mind and Soul

Yesterday I spent my morning participating in a  2-hour “Yoga Flow” event for National Yoga Day.

We did lots of downward dogs…..


And then I learned the 3 legged downward dog into the…..

flipped dog.  I’m still much the beginner in yoga, but the more I practice the more I love it.

One thing I did learn is that my hips are really, really tight, but I did listen and learn and will be incorporating this “fire log” pose into my daily life.  I think all of the weight training and cardio has me really tightened up this area. When I had seen people sit like this before in yoga, I thought they were just sitting cross-legged…not so. Click on the picture to read more about this pose. (I can get my bottom leg down, but when I try to put my top knee on top of my bottom ankle, it’s closer to my elbow or the middle of my upper arm)

I spent the rest of my day reading this book….finished it in one day…’s really a tear-jerker! I’m talking tissues and mascara running down my face!

I’m fighting off a cough (I hate being sick!) and all the yoga has left me pretty sore, so I just lounged and read for the rest of the day.  We had left-over ham and beans (sometimes not having to cook can be a good thing….I’m a big fan of left-overs!) that I had made the night before last and we watched a movie with Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci. “Love Ranch”…..we really enjoyed it! Is there anything Helen Mirren has been in that HASN’T been worth watching?



Heading to a flea market when Kenny gets home from the gym…..guess I’ll get out of my “sweats” and put on some real clothes!


  1. Oh Dear! The flipped dog almost makes me dizzy enough to p.................ah...........regurgitate! Better stick with puke, I can spell that!
    Tammy - you have 6 ft long legs!!!! You should be able to bend like a pretzel! Maybe yoga is easier on lil short fat women? We don't have so far to fall!
    Hope your cough doesn't turn into a cold! You need whiskey, honey and lemon and some homemade chicken soup! Coming right up. Will send it from FL.

  2. Tammy,

    I look at that classic yoga position and know my metal right knee won't bend like that. I would love to try yoga but think Tai Chi might be better for my arthritic bones.

    Thanks for the trailer as I love Helen Mirren. "Red" is being released this week so I will see if it is on demand with my dish. It is supposed to be funny with a great cast.

    Glad you are on the mend. Like Ter'e's idea for a tonic. Try it.