Wednesday, January 19, 2011


When we walked the dogs this evening there were gobs of birds on the ground feeding…..I definitely think we are going to get snow.

Every time I walked by a computer today at work, someone had a weather map up, looking at the radar, trying to guess if and when we are going to have snow….when will it get here? How much will we get?

Of course, Kenny is wanting to know because he has to go out and drive around and deliver the mail regardless of what it does. (He used to love the snow….before he had to go out and work in it)

I like the anticipation of getting snow….it makes me feel giddy….like a kid who gets that unexpected snow day….which I kind of did…..I’m off Thursday…we are slow at work, so I volunteered to take a day off…..secretly wishing for snow.

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