Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scripted Rugs

There was a discussion on RHD (Rug Hooking Daily) on having quotes on rugs…..this is one of my favorite things to do… much as I detest hooking words, I love having something you can read as you go by it every day….either to remind you of where you have been or where you want to go.

This is the first rug that I hooked that had words incorporated into it….our basset hound “Geairmo” loved to go for walks….I remember him on a daily basis when I see this rug in our living room.

This next rug is in our entryway…..the design is from the cover or a vintage book and the saying is from the book, “The Little Prince”…..actually my husband picked the picture AND the quote.

….And the fox said to the Little Prince… “Men have forgotten this Truth.  But you must not forget it.  You become responsible forever for what you have tamed.”

It’s a daily reminder to be responsible with animals….even though there are no animals in this particular rug.

The next two rugs are on the floor in my hooking room….they are reminders to me to follow my dreams….

I don’t really have any quotes in mind for future rugs, but I’m sure that when I come upon one I’ll be able to dream up a rug to incorporate it into.


  1. Great pieces. Love the sayings also. Will need to work on something one day like that. Thanks for posting!!

  2. Those are great. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Absolutely awesome rugs. I don't like hooking letters either, but they sure have a great impact.

  4. It's interesting that you say you don't enjoy hooking letters in words. They are so well done in your rugs! Well worth the effort to have such great rugs that hold such special memories and bring so much enjoyment each time we walk on or past them in our homes! ( I sheepishly admit that I enjoy hooking letters. Maybe I haven't hooked enough of them yet to not like it!!) Thanks for sharing these Tammy! Love them all! Cathy G

  5. Hey Tammy...I remember some of these rugs. I, too, hate hooking letters, but it sure does make a difference...adds a whole other level.

  6. I saw the Quote post on RHD too, and thought it was neat. I never do letters on my rugs, not even my initials. I did put my initals on my last rug and plan to now.
    Your rugs are great! Is the last rug your design?

  7. Thanks everyone for all the comments....I love getting comments...even if you just say "hi, I stopped by today".
    Sheila, The last rug is called "Sheep and Cherries" or "Cherries and Sheep" and is from Quail Hill Designs. It actually comes with a border that looks likes waves of water, but I changed that to the saying instead.

  8. Just stopping by to check in on you! Love your show and tell with words. My favorite is the one about being responsible for what you true in life. And that Quail Hill pattern is one of my favorites and you did it beautifully. I've only done lettering once on Old Glory and must admit that I loved doing it!