Monday, May 3, 2010

A Day in Pictures

Sunday, my husband and I, traveled to Mansfield, MO to the “Spring Planting Festival” at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

We live less than an hour away and we never really realized what a “big deal” this was…..until we showed up, drove down a LONG gravel road and parked in a field.

Then we got out and walked, along with everyone else…..and their dog….

walk….hike….call it what you want….but it really didn’t matter because it was a beautiful spring day in “The Ozarks”….we’re almost there….it’s just over the ridge….

There were GOBS of plant vendors and one lady making her own soap….

There were large coops with various chickens in them…..

A man roasting peppers….now that was quite a contraption….he turned the cage that the peppers were in while hot flames shot up to roast the peppers….I’d never seen such a thing before….You can see a restaurant in the background….it is run by donations only so that everyone can eat….the line was VERY LONG and we ended up eating at “Tastee Freeze” when we left….not a lot of eating choices in a tiny town on a Sunday ";)

We finally made it into the seed store and it was packed….hard to get pictures because of so many people….I’ve never seen so many seeds in one place….


We were after a few things that we had seen in their catalog….one was called “nipple fruit”….click on the name to read about it.

The other was the tumorous looking tomato…..

Again, the lines were so long to wait to pay that we gave it up and decided to come back on another day when they were not having a FESTIVAL.

More pictures from inside the seed store….

Not to be thwarted by the crowds we headed out of Mansfield and started on the way back home….it’s been a while since we junked together so we stopped at “Come On In Antiques” in Seymour, MO

I really loved this birdhouse, but we totally have no where to put it…..

Need a bathtub…they’ve got several….

It’s a pretty cool place, but we left empty-handed……

On the way home from Seymour we did see a few of the Amish headed home from church….it’s hard to get a picture when you are driving 65mph and they are in a horse and buggy….but I did my best for you…

This horse here at Spring Fever Farms  in Rogersville, MO was a lot easier to capture on film….

So here’s my synopsis:

Admission the the Spring Planting Festival: $5 each

Amount spent on a small “fiber optic” plant planted in a little Frankoma vase: $3

Lunch at the Tastee Freeze: $16.57

Money spent at Spring Fever in Rogersville, MO: about $45

Spending the day with your husband: PRICELESS


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. I love those types of festivals. Are you sure you can't find a place for that birdhouse?? It was just too cool.

  2. Tammy ~
    What an enjoyable day. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Pug hugs :)