Friday, May 21, 2010

A little bit of this….

I haven’t been hooking very much lately…..still obsessed with the new eating plan and now I’ve added exercise to the mix…..feeling good….just re-wiring my “habit circuits” I guess.

Here are some pictures of Kenny’s “salsa garden” …..peppers, tomatoes, cilantro…..

…..all in a huge pot on the back deck…..

Kenny calls this area of the back deck, “Mexico”, …..there are lots of cactus and agave back there…..he’s thinking of painting the bare tree trunk in a really bright color….this is what is left after we had this tree removed from the ice storm a few years back…..

…..I think the stormy skies that we’ve had for days on end

  are supposed to come to an end and we’re supposed to have a sunny weekend….YAY!

By the way, still talking about paint colors to finish up the living room……


  1. Love the idea about painting the tree.
    Hoping for sunshine today but the sky looks really gray here in Warsaw.

  2. What are you feeding your tomato plants that you have tomatoes on them already?!?! :-) I'm so jealous! LOL! Painting the tree remains would look awesome! Great idea!

  3. Great salsa garden! Your yard looks beautiful!

  4. I think he should paint it to look like a saguaro!