Tuesday, May 4, 2010


My husband thinks we need to paint our family room silver…not gray, but silver. I’m going into this with trepidation, but diving in none the less……shouldn’t paint be the LAST thing you pick when you decorate the room? Oh well, we were never ones to follow rules anyway.

So, I’m headed out to Home Depot to buy this Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic paint in the color “Silver Plated”

I’ve read mixed reviews on how easy/hard it is to get it to look right, but I’m going to soldier on with dreams of new color schemes in my head. (I’m painting one big wall, because I can’t imagine the entire room painted with this….at least not yet) This is what it is supposed to look like when it’s finished. Not so much the color, but the luminous look….we’ll see. Keep me in your thoughts today :)

I’ll be keeping thoughts of maybe some new furniture in my head.

Here are a few color schemes that go with “gray” aka “silver”….do you have a favorite?


Gray, olive and maize

Gray, chocolate and citron


Gray, chocolate and teal

Okay, so this is not gray, but thinking gray, chocolate and red/coral

I call this pewter and parchment….looks fancy schmantzy here, but I’m loving the earthy qualities of it.


  1. Pewter and parchment... definitely! I just did a room in my home with light grey walls, white trim and chocolate area rugs... I could spend all day in there!

  2. OOh wow! It is going to look so modern and sophisticated! I think i would be too chicken to do the metallic silver, and would just go with grey! LOL But that's the beauty of paint :) If you dont like it, you can always paint over it!! Good luck chica! I have a feeling Kenny's got a vision! LOL!!

  3. You are so creative and brave to try the metallic paint! You'll never know unless you try. I especially love the chocolate and red/coral accents! All of the inspiration photos are lovely though! Can't wait to see what you decide. Have fun with it and enjoy the process! Cathy G

  4. I think it seems perfect! Can't wait to see where it takes you ~ keep us posted!

  5. 生活總是起起伏伏,心情要保持快樂才好哦!!........................................

  6. Chocolate and coral red, or the chocolate and citron - both look yummy. I can't wait to see what you do to this room!!

  7. Tammy, I like the chocolate, silver and turquoise color scheme. I'll go furniture shopping with you tomorrow if you want me to. You know I still want the white slipcovered couch. Probably stupid with a husband and a dog, but I like it and the slipcovers are washable!