Sunday, May 9, 2010

Over the top

55,000 square feet of statuary, plants and things for the home…..totally over the top…..home-decorating on crack…..that is Sandstone Gardens in Joplin, MO.
Sheri of Shabby Sheep and Dulcy of Dulcy’s Doorstep and I headed there on Saturday for a day of inspiration and lunch.  Let’s just talk about the inspiration because lunch took FOREVER….over an hour to get seated when they said it would be a 15-20 minute wait….let’s just say it sucked up a lot of our time.
I digress…
Big antiqued picture frames that had alarm clocks and vintage photos hanging from them with organza ribbon.
Cloches galore…..

I think I’ve found my new decorating color for the living room…..I’ve fallen in love with the look of these parakeet green walls… cheery….

More glass containers and cloches, layer upon layer of decorating…

Sheri fell in love with the look of these pillows….

Oops, more photos of the parakeet green walls…..I’m seeing these in my house… Dulcy said, “it’s just paint….paint it green and get it out of your system”…..good advice me thinks!

How cool is this?  Found treasures mounted in a frame….

Yes, yet another picture of the green walls, but I took this to give you an idea of the SHEER SIZE of this place….it’s HUMONGO!

……HUMONGO I say…

After Sandstone, we headed off to a few flea markets…..these Scandinavian inspired cookie jars called to Dulcy…..we ran across a lot of them….so happy!

I ended up buying these troughs for Kenny’s garden…..okay, I bought both of them, but had to return the larger one because it wouldn’t fit in my trunk…..we may be headed back to get the larger one today in Kenny’s truck….he LOVED the smaller one that I brought home.  I’m in love with the wicker trunk, but trying to think of a spot to put it…..hmmm, at the end of my bed in the hooking room, with the top open to hold my hooked rugs….possibly?

We all fought over this beaded Mona Lisa curtain…..sadly we left her behind :)

A cute set of dishes in Dulcy’s color palette…..does anyone use “snack sets” anymore? We probably should, but where do you store “extras” like these.

We also stopped by “Crazy Junk Man’s” on the way home…..always an experience.
Enjoy your day!


  1. Tammy ~
    What a fun day shared with Sheri and Dulcy! I love the trough you got for Kenny. I hope we get to see what he does with it.
    Happy Mother's Day to you!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Oh FUN FUN FUN! Sounds like a wonderful day ! And oh my GOSH I love that green! It looks so fresh! A change from all of the turquoise and aqua out there! LOVE it!!

  3. Another fun day!! Love the pictures, and I'm sort of missing the snack set. Did Kenny love your find?

  4. That looks like a great place!! I bet Lauren and I would love to come spend a day with you girls!! So glad you had a fun day ~ and go for the green, Tammy!! It's 'in' right now!!!

  5. I love this store. Looks like you guys had a fun day (except for the lunch wait). Love the green wall -- go for it!!!!

  6. TAMMY,
    LOVED all the pictures! I have to know where this place is since it is close! Details, please. And OMG, I have 3 sets (cup and plate) of the SNACK SETS DULCY LIKES!!!! I don't remember the artist but I looked it up on the internet when I bought them about 2 yrs. ago!!!! I have them somewhere, I had them on those plate hangers and one day I got them down to wash them and left them out to dry, and the next day they weren't there....enter my husband who said, "I packed them up--thought you wanted a change" GRRRRRRRR. BIG FIGHT. So have them probably in storage. So ask Dulcy if she's interested. Love the Parrot Green! GO FOR IT! OK, I'm done--one more thing--Tambo, you've got the greatest BLOG!! LOVE YA, jEANNE