Friday, May 7, 2010

Going to the dogs

This is Lonnie….peeking through the dog window that Kenny cut into the fence a few years ago……I’ve been thinking of adding a brightly colored “frame” around it….When the dogs look out of this dog window they can see the side yard and out onto the street…

This is the east side of our house….mainly shady, so we have lots of ferns….a few daylilies that haven’t started blooming yet, and a wonderful rhododendron by the gate….

If you ever stop by to visit and we don’t answer the door, be sure to clang the bell…..we might just be out back….

If the dogs look through their other window, they can see the neighbor dogs……..

This is Baxter…..he will always bring you a ball or stick to throw for him.

This is Laney…..I don’t think she has any tricks, but she likes to be petted all the same….

Lonnie is always interested in what has been newly planted in the garden….impatience planted in a log is one of the newest plantings in the backyard…..


The greeters…..

This is another greeter…..tucked into the hostas along the front pathway to our house.

I hope you enjoyed your visit….please stop by again.


  1. Love all your plantings and the impatiens in the log is great! I especially love your entrance! You can tell very artistic people live there! Your greeters look like they are looking forward to some visitors! Cathy G

  2. Love all these photos...especially the greeters. Too cute.