Saturday, May 1, 2010

Details matter

Saturday I was lucky enough to spend the day hooking with friends at the country home of Jo Lynn…..who could ask for anything better…..hooking on an outside porch looking out at such a beautiful spring view.
Between all of the hooking, eating and talking I didn’t get many pictures.
However, I did make sure to get pictures of Sandy’s (hooking above) footstool that she finished.  She started this footstool at “Rugs on the Rocks” HERE when we went to Maine  in August.
Isn’t this fabulous?!  Perfectly finished… can’t even see any seams where it is stitched together.
…..and then there is the bottom……Kim Nixon  (our teacher)would be proud! “Make the bottom of your footstool just as beautiful”
Yes, details matter!


  1. That is a great footstool and a great finishing job. Love it.

  2. OMGosh I LOVE it!!! The details are wonderful and LOVE that polka dot underneath! It's great!

  3. Please tell Sandy she is a genious! Just an awesome footstool and her finishing work is beautiful! Love the polka dot finish.....perfect! cathy g

  4. Lovin' that footstool! I saw a nice one at the Denver Hook-In. She made it more as a slip cover so she can change the cover as the mood strikes - I thought it was very clever!