Friday, May 21, 2010

A big smile and hope….

A big smile because Gretchen has finally found her forever home…..I’m not sure how long Gretchen has been featured on my blog, but I know it’s been for months…. I got a nice e-mail from Kim of today letting me know that one of my blog readers had told her about Gretchen on my blog and she kindly let me know that Gretchen had found her forever home……YAY!

So, after a little searching I’ve found this cutie who needs a home…..let’s hope he’s as lucky…..Pogo is an 8-year old silky terrier…..just look at those eyes…I’ve picked out 2 of my dogs from looking at their eyes….they are windows to the soul….this little guy, I think, is very wise and sweet. Click on his picture to find out more…..he’s right here in Springfield, Missouri if you are one of my local blog readers.


  1. I love this post ~ such happiness and so positive. Pogo is a little doll! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine from today! Love and Blessings ~ Katie

  2. Oh that is great news! It just melts my heart when I know an animal has found someone to love him or her! Pogo is adorable! Thanks for giving him a chance by featuring him on your blog! Cathy G