Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Women and Self Esteem

I'm all about positive attitude and I've signed up for a letter that comes to my e-mail a few times a month. Today I wanted to share it with all of you because I think it is so important.

Women and Self Esteem:

3 Keys to Stop Sabotaging Your Self

I have noticed that many of the women I talk with have developed a pattern of going over and over their problems and unwanted circumstances in their lives. What they don't know is they are unwittingly creating exactly what they are distressed about.

A Favorite Life Analogy

I like to use the analogy of the compost pile at the back of your yard.

You have taken your kitchen peelings out there every day for years. You have walked the path so many times that it is grass-less, and even has a groove worn into the earth. (you can see that, right?) You don't even think about it anymore, your subconscious just takes you there every day.

Stay with me

Your brain works the same way. When you get into a habit of thinking the same thoughts over and over, again and again, you create a thought path. Your subconscious picks up on your habit and will go over the same thoughts again and again without having to consciously choose them.

Have you made a thought path about your body, your money, your relationship etc? Do you think the same thoughts again and again and again and again?

The Law of Attraction states that you get what you focus on whether you want it or not.

If your habitual thoughts are of health, and happiness and hope and 'well-th' and abundance, you will be inviting more and more into your life along those lines.

However, if your habitual thoughts are ones of lack, and worry, and stress and 'not-good enough', you will be inviting more and more into your life along those lines.

3 Keys to Stop the Sabotage

1.You really do need to stop talking and thinking about your problems.

Every time you talk/think about them, you are making the path in your mind more defined.

Take a minute to think about how many times a day your attention is on what you don't like about your life. Is that what you want to keep attracting? Take your focus off of what you don't want or like and put it on what you do like.

2. You need to create thought paths that feel good and will work for you rather than against you.
You can't attract abundance when focused on lack and limitation.

Like moving the compost pile in the back yard to a new location, you will have to practice taking your new path, thought by though, your subconscious will pick up on your new pattern and start to go there automatically.

3. Don't give up before the miracle happens.

Sometimes when you try something new, it doesn't feel normal and let's face it, you already have so much going on in your life, that the last thing you want is something else to work on.

This is important stuff and well worth the effort. You will be rewarded with more and more to celebrate in your life.

Give yourself the gift of attracting more of what you want into your life. Start putting your focus on what you want. Create a positive, well-worn and habitual thought path.

You are supposed to have any life experience you want.

***©2009 Joyce Lee "Your Self Empowerment Coach"


  1. "You are supposed to have any life experience you want."

    :) amen.

  2. Love this, Tammy ~ we have to be reminded ~ Thank you!

  3. This totally rocks...and the law of attraction really does work...thank you for the great inspiration...what a great way to start the new year!

  4. Wonderfully stated!! Amen and amen! :D

  5. another AMEN! from me What a great reminder.THANKS Tammy