Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Going in Circles

The hardest part of hooking this, was that every time I laid it down, Lonnie wanted to get on that it's done, that still hasn't changed....I had to scoot him out of the way 3-4 times to get the edges turned under then as soon as I grabbed the camera he started making his way to lay down on it.

Lonnie: "I'm so glad you finally finished this!"

Lonnie: "I love the smell of wool"

Lonnie: "Thanks's even big enough for me to stretch out on" Go forth and be creative,


  1. Tammy ~ I love your rug!! And I understand just where you're coming from ~ I had that same issue with my 'hands' rug ~ your comment that you saw it finished in your mind's eye may be what I felt ~ the simplest rug I've ever done and the hardest to stick with!! A lesson for us here?? I actually want to do a circle rug ~ yikes!!!

  2. Alice, I'm glad I hooked it and I'm glad it's done.....kind of like family....happy to see them come...happy to see them go :)

  3. Tammy this turned out absolutely spectacular!!!!!!!! I know tons of hours went into it - them are some BIIIG circles!! LOL! Congratulations on getting it done!! Lonnie is extra thankful it seems! :D

  4. Tammy! I really love this rug! Such fun, bright is