Sunday, January 25, 2009

"New" Visual Journal

I'm excited, because this is something I've had in the back of my mind for a while now. I didn't want to do "scrapbooking", but the thought of just gobbing things that make me smile on a page and doodling and painting and pasting just sounds like so much fun......soooooo....I've taken the plunge and started a visual journal for a "creation and expansion" group that I joined.

I'm about 5 words behind, but the first word was "new" and here is my page...don't laugh!
Doing this makes me feel like a kid.....I think that's a good thing!


  1. Congratulations!! It's a commitment to start this project and a nice start it is!!! Keep us posted ~ these pages are very creative!!! Alice

  2. Oh my and you do it so well. I can't believe this is your first visual jorunal. I struggle with collage and you don't seem to at all.

  3. Wow Sharon, that means a lot coming from you! I look at your stuff and just swoon!

  4. Tammy! Your page is beautiful. You have inspired me to give the idea of visual journaling a try. I was telling Robert about you and the journaling idea last night. Keep sharing your work! Joshua xoxo
    p.s. Your pups make me smile everytime I see their photos...

  5. Sounds like fun and it reminds me of a grade school project.....the kind of fun we all could use!!