Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting ready to try something new

I've joined a new on-line rug hooking group called "The Welcome Mat"
and it has a group within it called "Creation and Expansion" where you make a guided visual journal.
So, I signed up for this group and then today when I was at a bookstore what should I see but this

It had all sorts of tips on journaling! How to make them....
ideas for backgrounds....

what kinds of glues to use, pens to use, paints to infinitum!!!

(just the thought of going to the art store and buying gesso and watercolors and fun pens has me SOOOO excited....kind of like starting school)

I think I'm going to crawl up in the attic tomorrow after work and find an old x-ray book that has a cloth cover and start filling it up....I've read that you can do that....turn an old book into your green! I love that idea as well....can't wait!

No, I didn't buy the book on journaling....actually it was a magazine, but I just couldn't get myself to shell out $15....instead I tried to absorb as much as I could into my brain and I'll try to just wing the rest or find some good journaling blogs to get ideas from.
Go forth and be creative,

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