Monday, May 7, 2007

YAY! We've got vacation plans!!

YAY! Just got word that my husband is making our summer vacation plans......looks like we are Vegas bound again this summer.
We're staying at Caeser's Palace again. It's really one of our favorite places to stay because it is so centrally located to eating and shopping!! I just love to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and it's also close to a California Pizza Kitchen....I just LOVE their shrimp scampi pizza!! He's been doing his vacation research for us and they have re-done their spa and now have an arctic ice room with heated benches and snow!!! I've just got to try that!!!

I was really hoping to see Prince, but I hear he doesn't start there until November. Can't wait to hang out at the pool all day and go out for dancing and drinks at night!!
My other favorite Vegas things are the made to order smoked salmon and cream cheese omelettes at the Caeser's Palace breakfast buffet and there is the most wonderful lady in the Forum Shops by the Deli Cafe who makes "beautiful" white chocolate cappacinos.....she is just one of those people who always make you feel extra special. I always come back from Vegas wanting to make my patient's feel just as special when they leave from where I work.
Oh baby....I'd better start being extra vigilant with what I eat so I can eat all of these extra foods while I'm there! We're not going until August....when it's H*LL HOT ....but it's cheaper then!!
Go forth and be creative,

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