Thursday, May 3, 2007

Favorite tools of the moment

Hi all! I made a bit more progress on the basket rug last night.....I think if I really work at it this evening I should have it ready to bind by the weekend.

Here are a few of my favorite tools for rug hooking. A little snippet bowl to hold those little pieces of wool that get snipped off of the rug....I think I picked this up at a craft show a few years back. The little lady bug has a pocket for your tools and a magnet that will hold your scissors. You can get this great little gadget from Brenis at Hey Diddle Woolies
The red magic marker is a great tool to change a pattern that you receive and make it your own. That way you can easily see the changes you've made.
I'm not quite sure how well you can see this, but on the scissors there is a little key ring fob with a lampwork bead and sheep charm. These come from an eBay seller They work great and help you keep from getting your scissors from getting mixed up with someone else's!
My favorite hook of the moment is the Ritchie hook. These are hand-made in England....if you want more information on these just e-mail me at and put HOOK in the subject line.
Go forth and be creative,


  1. Hi Tammy....I'm so loving those colors your working with...can't wait to see it finished. Love your work! Toni

  2. I love my little magnet pocket from Bren...can't see how I could work without it...
    the new rug is SWEET