Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A day in the dye pots!

Today I took some time (okay...let's say I started at 8am and it's now 3pm) to dye wool for my eBay store. Here are just a few pictures of what I came up with today. I'm calling the multicolored wools "Fantasy Wools". They are one of a kind....meaning I didn't use a recipe or write things down....just dyeing to have fun. I've got one last batch of wools to wash and dry, so while those are doing their thing I'm going to try and get good pictures and list some of this stuff at I'll also be adding a few new "as is" wools.....a little overwhelmed by just how much wool I need to photograph!!!

It was rainy today, so that's a good thing....makes it so much easier to stay inside....lots of thunder and lightning which Cleopatra DOES NOT LIKE. She's pretty much been my constant little buddy today following me all over the house....liking to stay close to her mom. Lying right at my feet as I type.

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