Friday, May 25, 2007

Time, time, time....where does it go?!

I must say I'm feeling a bit behind lately!!!

Like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland....I'm late, I'm late (I hear that over and over in my head). I was wanting to dye wool on Saturday, but I remembered when I woke up this morning that tomorrow one of my former co-workers is getting married.

Natasha....she is a wonderful girl that worked in our department and was like a little sister to us.

All of us older gals gave her advice on relationships and saw her end a relationship with a guy who had two kids and was always expecting her to watch them for him and she left and moved out on her own.

In the meantime she met a wonderful guy, Jess, who would make out study cards for her while she's going through nursing school and bought her tennis shoes for her birthday while she was in a working out phase. Truly a guy who "gets"'s been a wonderful thing to see and I wouldn't miss her wedding for the world!

Here's to you Natasha! I hope you and Jess have a long and happy marriage!!!

On the rug hooking front....I haven't hooked hardly at all this week....I did get a chance to dye a little bit of wool on Wednesday, but then remembered I had booked an annual dr.'s appointment right smack in the middle of the day. So, I dyed a little, took the dogs to the park with my husband, then the appointment, then I went and ran some other errands since I was already out and about.

We ended up at the book store and they had just put in a new "Seattle's Best" coffee house in there. I got a chocolate mocha and of course then I couldn't fall asleep until around midnight.

Are you getting the picture?
Over busy, over tired, over worked.....

I'm hoping Sunday and Monday to just chill and if the weather is good I'm hoping to work on my "lack of tan".

Sorry, I'm really rambling on today.

Here's a little wool eye candy from my rushed Wednesday dye session.

I must have been feeling golden!!!

Go forth and be creative,


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  1. Oh my Tammy - Your newly dyed wools are just yummy! Sounds like you've had a few really busy days! I'm in the same boat since my DD is getting married on June 2. Just finished making bridesmaid dresses, which I had been dreading, but I ended up really enjoying it! Might have to make myself some new clothes to wear after the wedding! Love to read your blog every day!