Friday, May 4, 2007

Creative Journey Part 5

This is a pattern from Judith Groff of Long Lane, Missouri. I hooked this wonderful little pineapple for a braiding class that I took with Helen Jeffery of Ozark, Missouri. I am so blessed to live in an area of the country with so much talent nearby!!! This is another piece that I will always keep. The wool for the pineapple came from Nelda Johnson of Warsaw, Missouri. Nelda is another "color seeker" and this was really the first piece that I hooked with non-primitive colors....however the dark background makes them seem a bit more subdued. The background and braiding wool were from recycled clothing. If you ever see hooked rugs with braiding around them, let me tell is not an easy process!! This was braided by hand...without the aid of Braid-Aids. My favorite part of this piece is the little diamond of the pineapple that is a different color....just my touch of whimsey and oddity. I think I picked this little pillow up on one of my flea market jaunts....I love the cottage-y feel that it the fact that it is hand appliqued and embroidered....I love the soft aged colors of sits on the bed in my hooking room.

Last night I got to hook with Dulcy, Katie and Kelly at Simply Fibers.....when you are with great people, the time just flies!!! I was hoping to have the hooking finished on this "Basketful" piece, but sometimes I do more talking than hooking :) Perhaps it will be finished this weekend.....not sure though as tonight is......

First Friday Art Walk downtown. Our downtown area has been undergoing a renewal for the past few years and the first Friday of each month all of the downtown art galleries stay open's a fun time to walk outside and drop in on the art galleries and find a great place to eat and have a drink....we usually end up eating at Mille's Cafe where they have Tex Mex Eggrolls that are to die for!!! We're hoping to make it by Dulcy's husband's photography exhibit!! Then Saturday and Sunday is Art Fest on historic Walnut Street....I'm hoping to take many pictures to share with you here!!!

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