Sunday, May 6, 2007

Basketful rug....hooking is done!

We were lucky to have another great day in the Ozarks today. I think it got all the way up to 89 degrees today. The day started off with some rain....just a few sprinkles.....of course it started raining just as I got Cleopatra and Truvy's harnesses on them as we had promised to take them to "dog Disneyworld" today. Dog Disneyworld is "Corporate Center" , a big business on the other side of the street from us....huge office complex with beautiful lawns and landscaping. We take them there about once a week to chase rabbits...they get so excited that they quiver when we pull into the drive. After the rain let up we loaded them up in the blazer and crossed the street. Good day for the rabbits....not such a good day for the girls.....we saw one rabbit, but it was in someone's yard across the street from the was 8:30 am so we thought it wise not to point the rabbit out to the girls. Cleopatra is a silent stalker but Big Truvy is loud, Loud, LOUD!!! Today I finished hooking the "Basketful" rug for Convoy of Hope. Now I'm hoping to go to the fabric store this week and see if I can find some sort of floral fabric that would make a good border for this rug. I've never used regular fabric to bind a rug with, so I hope it turns out like I see it in my mind.

Once I had the "Basketful" hooked I had a chance to take a little was so nice...warm outside, but we had a nice breeze blowing through the bedroom. I just love the feel of that old bumpy coverlet! Napping always makes me feel so spoiled!!! I woke up refreshed and wanting to tackle the Big Truvy rug again....I had dyed some wool for her lower neck and can something that looks so easy be so hard....did a bit of reverse hooking on the legs, but I think I like how they are turning out...not so sure about her lower neck, however. I might end up re-hooking that, but for now I'm leaving it be.

This is the "Wild Vegas" rug that I hooked for our friend, David. It hangs in his Pilates studio. He's decided he wants to switch where it hangs, so I'm going to be sewing a pocket on the back so that it can hang the way below. We went to Las Vegas last year and David loved the floor at the Wynn Casino, so my husband designed this rug for him and helped pick out all of the wild colors. Let me tell you...this was a fun rug to hook and dye wool for.

Go forth and be creative,


  1. Tammy,

    Just love this one! I think I saw it right after you got it started (before Christmas?). Dulcy

  2. The Big Truvy rug is amazing...just amazing...what a face!

  3. Tammy, I am LOVING your blog light and warm and fun to visit! And, as always, your rugs are simply charming! Keep up the good work!