Saturday, October 6, 2012

When you’re looking for a buddy

If you’ve been a follower of my blog for very long,

you know that our sweet Cleopatra passed away

during the summer Olympics.


(Lonnie and Buzzbee checking out the pool cover)

Our intention was to let Lonnie be an only child.  But then

our neighbor told us a few weeks ago that when we left

for work in the morning he was going outside and howling

a sad howl.  Upon further investigation, Kenny found that

he had started digging….I guess to get to our neighbor’s dogs

for companionship.  Also, Kenny’s mom said that when she

came to clean on Tuesday’s that Lonnie was no longer

afraid of the broom or the vacuum and stayed right by her

side the entire time she was at the house.


(Buzzbee getting his first treat)

Obviously, he was lonely and needed a “buddy” during the day.

I started scouring Petfinder and most of the dogs I found that

I thought would be a good match for him were always in far

away places.  I had also only been looking at female dogs.


(isn’t that the sweetest face?!)

Then I happened upon “Buddy” on craigslist….he was 5 and looking

for a new home.

I contacted the person who posted and asked if

they had a picture of him…..this is what I received….

I mean, look at that face….how adorable!

She said he was sweet and loving and got along

great with kids and other animals.


Now here is the kicker…..the lady’s name was



(Buzzbee and Kenny)

If that isn’t the universe smacking you right in the face

and telling you “THIS IS THE DOG FOR YOU” then I

don’t know what is!


(Buzzbee and Lonnie post home racetrack playtime)

Kenny talked to Destiny and made a time for the

dogs (and us) to meet.  So happy that they took right

up with each other….not a snip or a growl….just lots of

sniffing and licking and playing.


(Lonnie gives up his dog bed for Buzzbee)

After we got them home last night, Lonnie went

over to his dog bed and scratched it and lay in

it for a few minutes then got up and looked at

Buddy….Buddy came over and scratched at the bed

and then stretched out and Lonnie slept on the floor.


(Buzzbee loves the dog bed)

After a while, we brought in another dog bed and they

played for a while and then curled up for a nap.


(Buzzbee and Lonnie….all tuckered out from playing)

Buddy, or as we are now calling him,

“Buzzbee”, is fitting right in!


He’s learned how to use the stairs to get up

onto our bed and we all snuggled up together last

night for our first “cold snap” of the fall.


He likes to sleep in just as much as Lonnie does,

yes, he’s fitting right in!


  1. What a beautiful dog.
    We recently added another to our home. Now we have three. 2 chocolates and a beagle which is named Bud. All three get along great. We love them all! we call them the fur babies.

  2. I think you both needed Buzzbee as much as Lonnie from the look on Kenny's face! Glad you chose to take him home! Have a fun weekend!

  3. Oh Tammy, I'm so happy for all of you and know that Buzzbee will have a very good and happy home. And I'm sure the previous owners are pleased as punch to know he has good caretakers.


  4. Looks like you found the perfect companion for Lonnie, and what a beautiful boy he is. So happy for you and your family!

  5. oh Tammy...I am so happy for you and Kenny...and especially Lonnie!!! Tears of happiness for you all!

  6. oh...and for Buzzbee too, of course.

  7. Yeah! I knew you wouldn't let Lonnie be all by his lonesome! Buzzbee is adorable!


  8. Oh, Tammy ~
    I love this post!!! It's making me smile and tear up at the same time. Congrats to you all. Buzzbee is one handsome guy and looks to be fitting in perfectly. Thanks for adopting him.
    Pug hugs :)

  9. Tammy,
    What a heart warming post! I am so happy for your whole family that you found Buddy!! He looks adorable and judging by your photos a perfect match for everybody! It's great that Lonnie took to him so quickly!
    Big Hugs for you all!!!
    Cathy G

  10. Tammy,
    Gee, I fall a little behind in my blog reading and miss out on the announcement of your new addition. I am so thrilled for you and the entire family and am glad Lonnie has a new best buddy. .
    So happy for all of you.

  11. Just catching up on postings...I am SO happy for all of you, and Buddy, most especially. He sure got a great home!