Sunday, October 28, 2012

New wool, new rug

I posted that at the last hook-in that I went

to in Booneville, MO that I caved and purchased

some new woolies for my stash.

Here they are…..


The blue/green plaid is going in the new rug that I’ve

started here…..


I love how it hooks up!

I’m hooking it along with this wool that I dyed with

some of my besties quite a long time ago……

I love dying “fun” wools like this and I like it even more

when I find places to use them!


I’m still trying to work through my stash of wool and

can’t wait until I feel like I have it at a more manageable

size….then I’ll feel free to play in the dye pots again!


  1. Lovely piece of tie dye wool. I'm looking forward to see what you are hooking next. I'm sure that it will be spectacular as usual.

  2. Wow Tammy, that is a delightful piece of dyed wool and must have been quite a challenge to do. Can't wait to see the rug as it progresses and the placement of your woolies.


  3. Hey you! Boy, being in the woods for a week has left me with lots of blog reading to do!
    I'm so glad you have captured the real Cleopatra in your beautiful pillow so you can see her every day and keep her even closer to your heart.
    And the boys....what a gift! Could you be any more lucky?
    And looks like the 3 hour car ride to the Booneville hook in was well worth the trip! Love love the crazy quilt type pillow!!! And the wool boas are to dye for! pun intended.
    Coming over this week for sure. I'll bring the amber glasses for you to see if you want them.
    xo, Sheri
    Glad to be back home to civilization and "bars" on my phone!!! How did we live without the internet?

  4. First thing I have to say! YEA! Sheri is alive and well.

    Second thing....ok I need to come to MO and relieve you of some of your wool? I will.