Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Home body

Do you ever have those days when you just feel like being

a home body?

I’m having one of those “moments” tonight.

I’m supposed to be getting ready to go to my power yoga class,

(and yes, I can do this pose!)

but I’m just not feeling it.

It’s warm and balmy out, yet I just feel like snuggling into my

home this evening.

We had a big storm move through last night with bright

lightening and really loud, window shaking thunder….

I think being up for about an hour with Lonnie

(storm fraidy cat) in the middle of the night made me

a little bit tired as well.  Thankfully, Buzzbee is not scared

of storms and slept like a stone!  Perhaps Lonnie will learn

a thing or two from him about being more calm when

it storms….we’ll see.

It actually stormed for several hours, so I really shouldn’t

complain about his one hour of nervousness….he is so

much better than he used to be…..looky HERE.


Speaking of looking……I took a few pictures from the

Baa Baa Booneville hook-in that I went to this weekend

with blogless Sandy.

I didn’t get many pictures, but here are two of my favorite things

that I saw……

This marvelous crazy quilt pillow by The Wooly Loft


I tried to take pictures from a few different angles,

so you could see all the different techniques used on it.

So inspiring!


Loads of wool boas (for lack of a better term)!

I bought a green one last year and used part of it

in my “Cleopatra’s Car Ride” pillow….


Look at this whopper! I was sending pictures to

a friend who wanted one, but this one was huge and

heavy…..$356…..however, theatrical and gorgeous!


They also had smaller pieces as well….


The feather boas are from Ozark Handspun

and they have gorgeous yarns as well!

I bought the pattern for the stuffed turkey below

last year, but haven’t hooked it yet…..I know, I know…

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!


The turkey pattern comes from Prairie Road Designs

and she has even more cute stuffed patterns…..her

dog and reindeer are adorable as well!

There were so many wonderful vendors and their displays

were awesome! I swear, I haven’t purchased any wool

in about 3 years…..yes, 3 years….can you believe that?!

Well, Judy, at Rustic Rugs had a few pieces that made me

cave…..one I’m using in a new rug I’m working on and the others

were purchased just to make me smile!

(pictures later on, if I can remember…..yes, they have

pink in them!)

If I were a “stitcher” I would have definitely bought a few patterns

from Primitive Stitches….so darn pretty they make me

want to stitch, but then I know my limits….maybe one day!

I mean, look at this…..


….and this…..

Really amazing!

Okay, I’m going to go tuck in and get snuggled in

my spot for the night and perhaps work on my new rug.


  1. Love everything. I'm going back to ck. your links. I love to stitch...just find it hard to find the time. Enjoy your evening! Jan

  2. Tammy, I call that feeling that you have " cocooning" and I think that most of us get that feeling at a certain stage when we just want to be... for a lack of a better word.

    I love that funky pillow too and I love stitching and anything that has to do with fibre but I never seem to have enough time to stitch anymore.

    It's OK to just want to be home. I've dropped out of a lot of commitments from different organizations just because I want to stay home in MY little spare time.

  3. You look great in orange! I got to meet Dulcy this weekend, tho just briefly.