Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I want to be like Lonnie!

Little Buzzbee idolizes Lonnie and follows him around

and tries to do the things that he does.

Here he is watching Lonnie jump up on the wood pile

to chase squirrels…..

So what do you do when you have short little

legs and get up somewhere high?

They really are quite the pair!


  1. Aren't hounds just too funny! My Loosey and Delilah just perked right up when they heard Lonnie barking. Gotta love when they put their nose up in the air too! Best friends for life!

  2. Tammy, it was neat to hear your voice talking to the dogs. I love your accent.

    I also watched a video of someone singing but I couldn't make out if it was you or someone else. JB

  3. That is so sweet Tammy! Looks like they are getting along fabulous!! When I played the video Smokey and Max went to the window and started barking.... must be the doggy language that something is up! Loved hearing your voice.... I picked up the southern accent right away!!!!
    Cathy G

  4. cute. You are going to have to make stairs for him.

  5. I love Buzzbee already. What a cutie pie.
    This morning Charley jumped up on top of the firepit ---- he plays "King of the Mountain".....and before we knew it, Little Blu jumped up there with him. For her, and her little bity short legs, it was like walking on a circus tent. CDL and I laughed ourselves silly. So cute.
    At 6 mos, she is just the tinest little Shih tzu.......holding her feels like holding onto a ball of cotton candy! I've got to send you a picture of them! LOL.
    Kiss both Buzzbee and Lonnie for Charley and Blu!

  6. Julia:
    Tammy sounds even cuter in person. She has 2 or 3 "y'alls" in her!!!!!!!