Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Life of Cleopatra


I still remember the evening we got Cleopatra.  It was snowing and

we had to drive to Ozark, Missouri.  Someone had found a basset hound

and it needed a home.  We had been dog-less for about a year or so after having

to put our old basset hound, Geairmo, down and we didn’t think we

were ready to have another dog yet. 

Kenny had talked to a friend of his and he

said he would take her if we would go pick her up, she was going to be a

farm dog.

We pulled up to the house and out came this little otter of a dog, small and skinny

and full of wiggle.  As soon as Kenny put her in the truck with us, I knew that she

was more than just a “farm dog”…..she was a little princess and she was

coming home with us.

She didn’t take to riding in the truck very well, she cried and barked and wanted nothing

to do with it.

But what do you name a princess or better yet, a queen?

We had been going to Las Vegas most summers and staying at Caesars Palace, Kenny came up with Cleopatra…..

it seemed to fit.



As I said, we had another basset hound before, but Cleopatra was

different…..she was smart as a whip!  She loved balls and would

chase balls for you back and forth…she gave them up readily

so you could throw them for her again.

With some practice she learned to sit, shake, lie down, lie “way down”,

which meant lying down and putting her head on the ground,

she even learned to roll over….she was smart!

It wasn’t long before we realized that if we called her “Cleo”, she didn’t

respond…..she was definitely “Cleopatra”!

Well, Cleopatra was perhaps a little too smart…..when we left

her home alone she ended up getting into some sort of mischief…..

I remember coming home from work one day and finding tomato starts that

she had drug out of the sunroom and into the (at that time) carpeted living

room….dirt strung everywhere.

She needed something to keep  her occupied, perhaps another dog.

That is when we got Big Truvy to keep Cleopatra company.




Cleopatra excelled at being a great mother figure to

Big Truvy, she was kind and playful with her and I think

this “mothering” kept her out of a lot of mischief that she

would have been into otherwise during the day.

She mothered Big Truvy right up until the end when Truvy

got sick…..I still remember Cleopatra taking a candy corn

that we had given her and her taking it in her mouth

over to Big Truvy and dropping it in front of her because

she didn’t feel like getting up….she was definitely

one special dog.


She didn’t mind dressing up, as long as you would

praise her and tell her how cute she looked.

She was darling as a ballerina…..

and as a sunflower….

Her aunt Donna knitted her a little pink jacket and she thought

she was the bombe in it….



Then someone started laughing at her and saying

she looked like a little pig…..that hurt her feelings

and she went and got on the couch and sulked for

the rest of the night.


Cleopatra also had an affinity for ditches….it didn’t

matter how big or how small the ditch was….she wanted down

in it!

She was also quite the hunter….she was a girly dog, but

she didn’t mind getting down and dirty if there was

something to be hunted….here she’s after something

living under the back deck….


Cleopatra missed Big Truvy after she was gone, so she

started going on walks and play dates with Lily and Belle,

my friend Patti’s dogs…..

I remember how Belle loved to chew on Cleopatra’s

ears and Cleopatra really didn’t seem to mind.

The one thing Cleopatra didn’t like were the stairs in

Patti’s house…..well, she didn’t mind going UP, but she

had to be carried DOWN!

Lily and Belle made great playmates for Cleopatra, but

she still didn’t like being home alone all day while

we were at work…..eventually we brought home Lonnie.

Lonnie needed someone to show him the ropes of life

and Cleopatra was more than happy to oblige….even though

he was bigger than she was (she could walk underneath him),

she was the boss!

On Monday morning we were fortunate enough to be at home when

Cleopatra passed from this earth.

She hadn’t been eating, but on Sunday  she started eating again

and even went for a walk in the park and chased a rabbit.

I suppose that was her gift to all of us, to see her looking happy

for that one last day.

Of course that is how Cleopatra always was and always will be in our

hearts….a sweet, happy girl.

We miss you Cleopatra….




  1. I can't read this yet. I can't even make it thru all the beautiful - mindblowing - gorgeous pictures.

    God Bless Your Hearts.

    Tammy, here I sit - still crying for a Princess I didn't even know. I loved her thru you.

  2. Oh Tammy,
    I'm with Tere'...... I'm crying my eyes out..... I was going to email to see how things were and I just felt something was wrong. Beautiful tribute to Cleopatra. She will be remembered so sweetly by all who knew her....
    Prayers and healing energies to you and Kenny.
    Cathy G

  3. Ohhhh heart weeps for you. Cleopatra was definitely one special princess. She will live on in your hearts forever.

    Beautiful photos and words.

  4. Tammy: My heart breaks for all of you. What a wonderful tribute to a special dog. The pictures are so precious! You were blessed to have been able to have her in your lives. My condolences, most heartfelt. XXX

  5. What a sweet remembrance for a sweet dog. So sorry she's gone . . . I know your heart is broken.

    Thinking of you.

  6. Oh my....I have been gone too long and as I read this I kept wondering why you kept saying "was". Took me a little to figure out something wasn't right. I of course got teary eyed when I reached the end of your story. How you made it thru this post is beyond me. I am so sorry for your huge loss. My thoughts are with you and Lonny.

  7. Great tribute to Cleopatra and am sure it took you a box of Kleenex to get it typed; I know that I did when doing the memorial for my dearly departed Shadow.

    You gave her a wonderful and happy life and I feel much empathy for you and Kenny as you try to heal from her passing.


  8. Tammy ~
    It's hard to type through tears. I am so sorry to hear about Cleopatra. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful furbaby.
    Run fast and free, dear Cleopatra.
    Hugs :)

  9. Tammy, so sorry to hear ou have lost Cleopatra. This was a wonderful tribute to her life.

  10. I am so sad to read about your dear doggie ~ even though we didn't know her, I think we all feel like we did 'know' her.. What a wonderful photo tribute ~ I can't imagine how hard that must have been to put together. My heartfelt condolences to you and your husband ~ how lucky Cleopatra was to find you!

    1. Dear Tammy and Kenny, Although I just talked to you last night I just wanted to write again, how my heart breaks with yours. I couldn't look at the beautiful pics of you and your "kids" until just now. I know how special she was and how she loved to play ball. I always laughed out loud when she and Lonnie would run and play ball. I can't believe how those short little legs could run so fast! I'm smiling now , and you know I will miss her too.
      Sending my love to you, Kenny and Lonnie,

  11. What a beautiful post to honor Cleopatra - Through your pics today and in the past she sure has left her pawprint on many hearts. She was one special girl! You were very lucky to have her in your life as she in yours.

  12. Tammy, I'm so sorry about Cleopatra's passing. I know that there's nothing I can add to make you and Kenny feel better and to fill the void but I know the pain of letting go of our beloved furry babies when the time comes for then to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

    By your kind heart you gave Cleopatra a Home Sweet Home and she gave you both all she had to give, love, a mommy and daddy feeling, entertainment, sweet memories and exercises.

    May she rest in peace as she explore the ditches on the other side of the rainbow.

    Hugs. JB


  13. Tammy, my heart breaks for you, Kenny and Lonnie. I wasn't aware that anything was wrong with Cleopatra since her bladder surgery. Sincere condolences and tears for you and to you all.


  14. Hi Tammy, I am so sorry you lost your dog. They truly are our best friends. Our Beagle is fourteen and I dread the day I will have to go through what you are experiencing right now. I love your tribute to Cleopatra, she must have been one special dog. Sad day indeed. You are in my prayers.

  15. Tammy - so sorry to hear this very sad news. My heart breaks for you both.

  16. So very sorry. . . she was lucky to have you all to love her and care for her.

  17. So sorry to hear. Pets are such a huge part of our lives and become true members of the family before we know it. Sounds like you gave Cleopatra a wonderful life. Take care.