Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pillow finish

It’s taken me a while to get pictures, but last weekend

I finished Cleopatra’s pillow.


My plan is to have it on one of the chairs in our

front room.

However, Buzzbee loves anything soft….he thinks

if it’s soft, it’s a toy and he needs to drag it around

the house and play with it.


I’ve had a few Halloween dolls that have bit the

dust at his hands….they are now in the trash Sad smile

So, for now, the pillow will sit up somewhere higher

that he does not have access to Smile

Here is the back of the pillow…..I was going to put a button

on it, but I don’t have much experience with making button

holes, so instead I used a few pieces of wool and attached

those with stitched buttons and then tied them together

like bows….I think it works!



On a different subject….if you want a healthy treat,

I highly recommend these Iced Gingerbread Clif Bars!



I haven’t tried the Spiced Pumpkin Pie yet, but

that sounds good too!

Kenny also picked up these Pop Tarts……


Hmmmm…..I’ll leave those for him, but they

sound good!

Are you a pumpkin pie or gingerbread freak when it

comes to fall foods?

My fave is hot apple cider (maybe spiked with a little

sumthin’ sumthin’) with warm gingerbread cake

topped with whipped cream….haven’t had any yet this

season, but will have to have some soon!


Last night, Buzzbee rolled in something really nasty smelling….

not sure exactly what it was, but it definitely earned him a bath!

Lonnie loves his new brother so much and thought he needed special

grooming after his bath.

I can honestly say, I’ve never had two dogs

who love each other like these two do!


  1. The pillow is perfect! LOVE how you did the ties in the back. Those boys are the cutest!! Can't wait to make a visit..... Pumpkin Pop Tarts, a must try......

  2. I just love Buzzbee and Lonnie together... best buds for sure. And that pillow Tammy is absolutely gorgeous... perfect... and the ties...what a great idea!

  3. The dogs must be soul mate as they seem to love each other so much. It's beautiful to see.

    Love that Cleopatra pillow and how you finished the edge and the back. No wonder Buzzbee wants it.

    Sorry about the roll in the smelly stuff though and the Halloween people. Maybe Buzzbee didn't like the look of them. Loved the video of the two fur kids.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my rug Tammy. I've been thinking about writing something in the back of my rug as April DeConnick had suggested that I do that a while back.

    Have a safe and fun weekend.


  4. love love the pillow. the back is lovely also. great job. and those jobs of yours are so cute. cheers

  5. That pillow is just the most divine thing. Do not let Mr. Buzzbee get ahold of that!!!! I love your finish.

    It amazes me the things I see in your house when you post photos! That lime-ish wall popped out at me. I have a lime wall in my bedroom and I just love how the color makes me feel. I am not a "green" girl at all. David thought I was nuts when I planned the bedroom paint - but he loves it as well.

    The other thing....I love those gorgeous glass bowls on the wall. How do you have them secured? Awesome idea. Your glassware is so eyecatching as well.

    MMMMMMMMMM the pumpkin Pop Tarts. I would like to have just one little bite of Kenny's. I could not be trusted with a whole box.

    Kiss those precious boys!!!!!! Gosh they are cute!

  6. The glass bowls are footed and there are these special brackets that hold the "Foot" of the bowl to attach it to the wall. Yep, that would be Kenny's design concept!

  7. Tammy ~
    Great pillow finish and keep it out of Buzzbee's reach for sure!
    Love the videos. They sure have bonded quickly.
    Hugs :)