Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I wouldn’t give

to move like J Lo! If you don’t want to watch the entire video….just forward to about the two minute point!  Amazing!  From American Idol, last night……


  1. Yes, we would all like to move like J Lo. That was quite the booty shake!

  2. With all the smoke around, I was wondering if her hair caught on fire, lol. I wouldn't mind being able to move around that fast too. Just think how much work I could get done in a day. lol... JB

  3. Amazing. Everything about her. And, him. And, the show. I did not miss a moment of it.

  4. LOVE Marc anthony--although he does kinda look like Skeletor.

    I'd like to LOOK like JLO!!!

  5. With the greatest amount of respect ---- I say this ------ the Latio's just oooooooze SEX appeal!
    I'd like to work on Marc Anthony's dark circles tho.......the boy needs some sleep, for sure. Maybe it's JLo keeping him up. She is the sexiest woman alive for sure. She almost looked like one of the sexy vampires we see on the big screen!!!!!! WOW that woman can shake her booty. She probably wakes up looking SEXY! I wake up looking like Ish-ka-bibl!!!!!!
    Incidently, Tam, we have Latino music on on cd player at all times.
    It is both calming, relaxing and sexy!!!!!!
    I've loved JLo since before "Selena". And yes, I play Selena's music often!

  6. I'd like to move like the drummer, but darn, I just sent my drum sticks to Goodwill, so I can't practice. Perhaps I'll put my tambourine to use? Thanks for the video. Karmen