Sunday, May 29, 2011


It’s not always what goes INTO something that makes it great,

as what you do to edit it, so that the greatness shines.

Yesterday, Kenny spent a good part of his day after work editing his garden.

These are pictures of the piles of things that are leaving the garden….I’ll

try to post soon and show you the additions.


We are both collectors….Kenny collects plants, cookie jars (he has not added any in a

very long time), pottery, vintage Christmas tree stands.

I collect salt and pepper shakers (I have not added any in a very

long time), wool, Elsie the cow (I have not added any in a very long time).

We both have an affinity for coats….(our coat closet is packed) and lamps….luckily we live in a home that

has very little overhead lighting.

This year we have started editing our collections….standing back and looking at things and asking ourselves

if we really love these things as much as we did when we first got them. Many items have stayed,

but many have gone.

It makes me wonder, what is it inside of us that gives us that yearning to collect?

Is it the thrill of the hunt?

Is it part of our genetic make-up….the whole hunter/gatherer thing?

Can’t pass up a “good deal”?

Do you collect?

Do you edit?


  1. I DO collect. And have also found myself TRYING to edit lately. My thrifty outings still happen, but I'm much more discerning in what I bring home. If it's something I really love to collect (i.e. handthrown pottery, handmade boxes, basically lots of handmade art) then it comes home. I'm cutting back on the vintage items. I suppose there just comes a time!

  2. It is the thrill of the hunt I suppose. I collect things...vintage flower pots, sheep, wool, owls (at school though)...I used to have many more, but I started to feel overwhelmed by stuff. So, editing is good for me. Plus, it lets me explore other collecting paths!

  3. Tammy I like your take on editing the garden and stuff. I would even add Delite to the mix. I collect baskets and I use every one of them to store things and a lot of my wool. I collect roosters to decorate. They bring me joy. I don't over do it though. I collect wool but that's more like an addiction. I collect bunnies and take them out to decorate at Easter and then put them away. I also collect Halloween and Christmas decorations but I think that I'll soon have to edit some of that stuff.

    I found today's post very creative as usual. JB

  4. My husband collects finger lamps and pens. We used to collect decoys and folk art fish, but have realized that now there are so many, we don't have room for any more.

    Editing is a good expression.I spent yesterday editing and rearranging our garden and will go back out today - now that the sun is finally here.

    Great post.

  5. Hell yes I collect, too much in fact. I am very passionate about vintage christmas but I never thought about collecting tree stands. I'm am drooling over your collection of those and I love how you are using them on the table. I see a new collection coming :->
    I do have to edit too. I let things go from time to time, I've enjoyed them but sometimes you have to move on (make room). xo, suzy