Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reader questions

Odd, just this week I’ve had a few questions from readers…..odd, because that doesn’t happen very often.

However, I LIKE it and I’m always willing to share.

One reader asked about my slate floor.  She saw that I had slate in my kitchen and wondered how it transitioned into the hardwoods in my dining room…….

here are pictures of that……

There is a bit of trim that makes the transition between the height of the slate and the hardwoods… is a close-up

The slate is “earth gouged” slate….it’s rough on both sides and I think it was a b*tch to lay….but, it’s down and I love it!  It’s really not as cold as you would think it might be….perhaps because it’s a natural product.

I had another person on Facebook ask about a close-up of the “pea-pods” on my runner……no, they are redbud tree pods, but I know they look like pea pods.  I got the wools for the peapods from Searsport Rug Hooking when I was on vacation in Florida….thanks Julie and Chris!

Some of the pods look like this, with just two colors of wool.

….and then some have more than the 2 colors of wool…..what can I say….I get bored when I hook!


Here is the progress I’ve made so far….I swear, one day last weekend I hooked and hooked and hooked…..


Here’s a close-up of the area where I have a little bit of everything hooked in next to each other…


I went by the library last night and I swear that going in there is just the most wonderful thing! I got a few new books to read….


Tonight I’m making a sandwich from the ”Big Book of Food”….it’s basically grilled chicken that's been marinated in teriyaki sauce along with grilled pineapple and jalapenos (it’s supposed to be on a whole wheat bun, but I went to Breadsmith and they had these wonderful garlic and rosemary ciabatta rolls (not whole wheat, but the girl at the counter got me with the free sample….to die for!)  If it turns out pretty I’ll take a pictures for you!

Nigella’s cookbook has a recipe for a Maple Pecan Bundt Cake that looks sinfully delicious

as well as some African drumsticks….drumsticks with ground ginger and apricot jam as well as other ingredients….making my mouth water just thinking about it!

My co-worker is making one of the recipes out of Bethenny Frankel’s book tonight….grilled pork chops with grilled nectarines and then I think you sprinkle bleu cheese over that…….okay, on that note, I’m going to head out and fire up the grill!


  1. I just finished dinner and you're making me hungry! I love your kitchen floor and of course your rug is to die for! It's looking great!
    Happy dining!

  2. Thank you for the pictures. Our slate is very similiar, 18" on point. Thanks for relating the transition, I'm trying to get used to the idea of wood next to slate! The cold is good for us, most summer days it's well over 100 here in the Sonoran Desert!

  3. Tammy ~
    Your rug is simply amazing!
    Hugs :)

  4. I love your floor....and your pods! Hope you enjoy the Anita Shreve book; I did. Another good read I just finished is Jodi Picoult's newest...Sing You Home.