Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fruits of his labor

When Kenny is not delivering the mail he is reading of gardening,

dreaming of gardening and working in the garden.  This morning he took some time out to photograph what is going on in the garden.




agave plants and Colorado pancake rocks






Japanese maple


vintage headboard





bird feeder make from vintage cup and saucer




tree peony




black iris






Cleopatra’s last day to play on the pool “trampoline”


She likes to step on it and then drink the water


tri-colored beech






cinnamon fern




Go forth and be creative,



  1. Kenney's garden is beautiful and so much more advanced than mine. My early tulips and the daffodils have just bloomed. Some other flowers are starting to bloom to.

    Isn't it just wonderful to have a gardener to tend to your garden and keep everything so neat. I could use a gardner too right now. I have huge dandelions in my flower beds that needs pulling before they spread.

    Enjoy your outdoor haven. JB

  2. Sorry, I misspelled Kenny. JB

  3. Tammy,
    What a treat for the senses and a delight for this Southern who will never get things like that tri-colored birch to grow down here.

    It is always a joy when you share Kenny's passion for gardening. He is an artist in his own right and how lucky he also is your best friend. I assume that soon the cover is coming off the pool and you are going to start sunning? Here, the beaches are already crowded.


  4. Your hubby has a real passion for the garden! Thanks for sharing his creative vision with us! I love all of his "garden rooms", his plant choices, and ornaments! Very fun and inspiring!
    Maybe he needs a career change as a garden designer! He'd be in demand!

  5. Absolutely beautiful...what a variety!

  6. Your gardens are beautiful. I'm in love with that cup and saucer feeder.

  7. Tammy ~
    Please thank Kenny for all the lovely photos. I've never seen horsetail before. Very cool.
    Your flowers are leaps and bounds ahead of ours, but with all the rain we've had, everything is growing like crazy.
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Pug hugs :)

  8. It's unbelievable how much is in bloom where you are!! We're way behind ~ just now enjoying daffodils and tulips ~ more to come but it's nice to enjoy all of yours!!

  9. Tell Kenny he could change careers to gardener Or photographer! Lovely!!!
    Thanks for the pep talk this afternoon. I got out and worked in the garden after we talked. Boy, it was hot and muggy. See you Saturday! Maybe I should bring my little hand held "digger". Surely he wouldn't notice if I took a few starts of some stuff! LOL
    xo, Sheri