Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cares melt


Rhododendrons are blooming in the garden

The buds are just as glorious as the blooms.



Beware of blogs….they make everything look easy, yet if you take a step back, there is always work to be done or work going on in the background.


  1. I always like the buds better than the flowers. Isn't that strange...but I love the possibilities of it and the anticipation!
    Happy digging!

  2. Tammy ~
    You are so right!!! There is always more to do than meets the eye.
    Your gardens look lovely.
    Hugs :)

  3. Tammy, I see a rug possibilities in that chalk board design.

    As a part time gardner I know what you mean by there's more than meet the eye in gardening. Your and Kenny's garden is always looking well cared for. The blossoms are gorgeous. JB

  4. Look at those beautiful colors together...................the poppy and the rhodes....................now THERE is a beautiful rug in hiding...........or maybe, it's in plain view!

  5. We only have one rhodie, but it's prettier than it has ever been! Probably all the rain. Remember how beautiful all our gardens were last summer because of the spring rains? That makes sopping up the basement a little more pleasant!?!? It's getting dry, but doesn't SMELL very good. Got the dehumidifier going today. No since in even turning it on when the water is still running through like a stream. Our basement has a drain so it has little grooves for the water to literally run downhill towards the drain! That's why I say it looks like a running river!!!
    Beautiful photos, as always.
    xo, sheri