Friday, September 26, 2008

Shibori dyeing

A while back I saw some pictures of shibori dyeing on Wanda's blog. She didn't give any instructions for it, but she did say it was done using safety pins.
So, I couldn't help myself.......
I had to try it.....
wing it.....
I checked out books from the library....not so helpful.
Here is my experimental piece.
Not bad for winging it, huh?
I folded my wool (already soaked) like an accordian and then safety pinned those pleats in place.
Then I put it in an empty dye pot on the stove. I drizzled three different coordinating colors over it in a stripe like fashion. Across the pleats...not paralell to them.
Each dye was 1 cup and each cup contained about 1/4tsp of citric acid, but you could use a few glugs of vinegar if you don't have citric acid.
When the wool started taking up the dye, I flipped the wool over to the other side and let it simmer until the water was clear.....then took out the pins and washed and dried it.
Go forth and be creative,


  1. Tammy,
    Wow!! That turned out really KEWL!!

  2. Tammy-
    Love you new Doggie Pic!. I had never heard of this type of dying, but is sounds fun and I like the look. Keep on dying for those of us that don't!
    Have a good weekend, Jeanne

  3. Amazing! Simply amazing! You rock!

  4. oooh nice dyeing, a gorgoeus mottle, my fingers are itching and saying gimmee, gimmee...and can't get enoguh pics of the "kids"...