Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bad Blogger

My original idea was to list new wools on here every Sunday.....well, it's not happening THIS Sunday.

I DID dye wool yesterday and came up with some lovely colors.....did I take pictures...nope.....I know....bad blogger!!! Bad blogger!

All of the new woolies have headed up to Simply Fibers in Springfield, Missouri.

My local hookers are getting in full swing and I can hardly keep up....this is a GOOD little cool snap and they are hooking machines! They will be happy to hear that I've created a bit more space for wool, so local girls....there is now EVEN MORE WOOL to choose from!!!! YAY!!!

Blogging friends....never fear....I've still got lots of woolies to over dye....perhaps I'll get more done this coming Wednesday....stay tuned....for now I've got two rugs calling my name needing to be bound.

1 comment:

  1. Oh yah! Shame on you!! Cuz it's not like you have an ACTIVE LIFE or anything! You should just be focused on us us us!! LOL
    You crack me up!
    You are A) an amazing woman!
    B) a regular interval and creative blogger! Which is amazing in itself!
    C) Full time job, full time hubby, two pups, teacher and wool supplier, dyer, hooker, good friend, group moderator,... hmm... the list continues to go on! :D
    Me thinks you need to cut yourself a bit of slack girl! :)