Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The great "TO DO" list

We all have one don't we?
The great "TO DO" list?

How about if we turn it into a great "TA DA!" list?

You a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat.....TA DA!!!

If you're anything like me you have the BIG "TO DO" list.....

paint rug hooking room...I'd really like it to be a color other than beeswax....I"m craving something brighter

clean out's a mess...summer clothes definitely need to be coming out of there and be packed away....bring on fall and all of it's wonderful colors!

paint utility room cabinets...okay, really not looking forward to this one...but it needs to be done.....especially since they are so close to the fab new kitchen.

you know...the biggies!!!

Then you have the daily "TO DO" list.....

laundry....that's started....putting up the bedspread and getting out the flannel sheets and blankets....those cool nights are here and I"m soooo happy!

dishes....not a big deal, but I still need to unload the washer and get those put away

grocery shopping....not a lot, Kenny does most of that

And the IMPORTANT "TO DO" list....

exercise.....where to fit it in? We walk the dogs every night and now that it's cooler they are walking further so that helps a bit

schedule's just a phone call away

How is it that the important things get put down at the bottom.....these are things that can really impact our lives in the long haul....I"m guilty....I do it all the time.

So, today I'm going to work on my "TO DO" list and everytime I get something done I'm going to say to myself....."TA DA!"

Let's try it and see if it makes our chores any more fun!

Go forth and be creative,



  1. My "to do" list isn't as long as yours but it's still there, none the less. But I've been dealing with a pain flare the past several days that's kept me in bed, or close to it. But I've quit beating myself up if I don't get something done. It'll still be there tomorrow and I do what I can.

    I'm fighting indecision right now. Not sure if I want to take the living room and bedroom drapes down and wash them........or just replace them?? Hummmmm!

  2. My to do list isn't that long either. But recently (within six months) I posted a beautiful picture of my craft room. Everything in it's place and labeled. Now you can hardly walk, there's so much stuff in the middle of the floor! Stuff I acquired at garage sales and thrift stores. I don't have ANY place to put it!!! I wouldn't have a to do list at all if I would quit bringing in new stuff to our tiny little house! I couldn't paint the walls in there if someone told me they'd give me a million dollars. They're just not within reach and my bookcases are bolted to the walls.
    Good luck with your list!

    Good luck with your list!

  3. Sooooo, how're you doing with your list, Tammy??? I don't have a very long one...would be longer if I owned this house. Then, painting would be the BIG 'to-do'. Alas, my list has cleaning, straightening, dishes, laundry and those type of mundane chores on it...{yawn}. Ohwell, at least it gives me more time to hook!