Monday, September 15, 2008

Going in Circles

The last few months I've had a feeling that I've been chasing my tail....going in circles......spinning out of control.

I've been fortunate that my local group of hookers has grown and grown over the past few years and I'm finally to the point where I have to step back and take a closer look at "realistically" what I CAN do and what I WANT to do.

I spend a lot of time dyeing wool.....that's something that I love to do. I love to try new recipes and make up some of my own along the way. I love to take pictures and share what I'm doing here on my blog. However, the length of time that I spend on the computer loading pictures and descriptions to eBay, ecrater and the like has started to become a real "time suck" for me.

I've got the itch to really spend more time on hooking and I've decided to take a little hiatus to work on rugs and creativity and move my life around just a bit to make it a better fit for me. Yes, I'll be posting some wools on here as I dye them and from time to time I'll have wools for sale here and my best buddy, Renee, will be keeping the dye pots going for all honesty she's been the main person running our eBay store for the last few months while I've been trying to keep my head above water with everything else.

So what's staying, what's going, what's changing?

1) For now I'm putting the ecrater store on HOLD status

2) I'm turning the eBay store over to Renee

3) I'm going to keep's a good way for me to express myself

4) I'm going to be hooking a LOT more and hopefully be creating lots of wonderful wools for my bloggers and local girls/guys

Here is a preview of the rug I started last night with the help of Kenny. I drew the squares and he filled them in with circles. It's about 6 foot long and 2 foot wide.
I was inspired to do this after seeing this rug that Debe posted on Wool Snippets. (I hope to be more active there as well)I was in a class with Debe that we took from
Abby Vakay and Debe is so inspiring in that she takes what she has learned from a teacher and applies it. Abby told us that for a rug to really work it needs to have dark and light, dull and bright. That is exactly what Debe has done in her "Bent Squares" rug and that's what I'm hoping to accomplish in the "going in circles" rug that I started last night.
I'm hoping that it's the first in a series of "co-created" rugs for my home. My husband is great in the "design arena" and is also working on a series of rugs for our dining room.
Go forth and be creative,


  1. Neato Tammy! The computer gobbles up a large amount of my time too, so I know what you're saying! Your current hooking project is quite a big size!!! Great design though! Going to be a good one for sure!

  2. Whew!! Tammy, you scared me! I was afraid you were going to put your blog on hold, which would have made me cry. After I go to Snippets every morning, your blog is the first blog on my favorites list that I go to. I think I'd also like to try and buy some wool from you, if we can work out a method of payment (I don't "do" much of a ripoff) I'm assuming money orders or certified bank checks work? You so often have such lovely wools.

    I can understand your feeling like you're spinning out of control. For some time, I've wondered how you do all that you do. It's way beyond me. I like my very quiet and dull life.

    But thank you for keeping up on the blog and the woolies. That makes my day!


  3. Good for you Tammy!!! YAY!!! And I cannot WAIT to see your hooking progress! Love the new rug too! Stupid question----but hey, it's allowed because I'm a virgin hooker....when you draw your own you have to really really pay attention to where the lines end up on the canvas? Know what I mean? Just wondering.

  4. Tammy, like JoJo I was afraid you were going to quit blogging. I look forward to each new thing you write. As for the time thing, I always wondered how many hours YOU had in a day. It had to be more than the rest of us for all that you get done. It just can't be done in 24 hrs. I know you work 10 out of those 24 and I always thought you are some kind of superhero!! Take your well deserved rest and start hooking and relaxing. (You can find that word in the dictionary in the r's.) See ya Wednesday and think about doing yoga with us at Dulcy's on Thursday evenings. Oohhmmmm......Oohhmmmm.....

  5. Good for you Tammers! It's hard!! I know!! LOL! But when you don't have as many things pulling at you, you will find your creativity again... and it will allow you to bask in the moment, and cherish it at a slower (not much slower knowing you! lol) pace!
    ***Applauding your decision!***
    Wanting only the best for you my friend!
    May God bless you in abundance!!

  6. Keep it that is!! Nothing fun should stress us out or feel like a burden. I could almost hear your sigh of relief as you posted your plans. :-) Enjoy the lighter load!

  7. Tammy,
    You and your husband make a good team. Love your "going in circles" rug and will look forward to seeing updates of it. What a neat idea for a rug it is. Best wishes in finding more time for hooking and creativity. Lori R

  8. Kim,
    I think you should try to keep your straight lines on the straight grain on the borders of your rugs and also if you are doing a geometric that is squares or rectangles....other than that I'm kind of a free form girl and don't worry about it if I'm hooking things for myself.

  9. I've been quietly enjoying your blog. You've received a Blue Ribbon! Come claim it on my blog.

  10. JoJo,
    I'm always fine with checks or MO's. Just let me know if there is ever something that you see that you just have to have.

    I'm glad I'm part of the start to your day.

  11. Thanks to all of your for your kind words and support. I'll be posting more soon!

  12. You described my feelings exactly...going in circles! You have too much darn talent to let the ole 'puter suck it out of you! Love your blogging, and think you have a great plan. Lucky you to have a cool hubby to support you. Blessings, ~Sam

  13. ohman. I, like others, thoroughly enjoy your blog! That rug...what a beauty that will be! Was looking at all the circles and noticed that they were all different...that will be so much fun!!! Cannot wait to see its progress!