Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rugs in Progress

Here are lots of pictures from the group I hook with on Wednesday nights at Simply Fibers. Above....Patti's dogs, Lily and Belle, sitting on her rug that is going in her new Florida home. We are sooooo going to miss Patti and her stories while she is away this fall and winter!
Above, Sheri from Shabby Sheep with her altered art rug hooking. I'm really wanting to try some of this....I have LOTS of transfered images that I'm wanting to work with.
Above, Lauren, Joan's daughter....our youngest rug hooker and quite a talent!
Above, Joan with a beautiful acorn and oak leaf rug that she is working on. Her color choices are stunning!
Above, Betty, working on a rug from Judy Cripps. It's BIG!
Above, Rita is working on a rug from Emma Lou. I just love the green pumpkin!
Above, JoLynne is working on a rug from Judy Cripps. She started this with Nola Heidbreder and it has chain stitching for the lines in the pumpkins.
Above, Rita is working ona colorful bird and flowers rug. I wish you could see the sculpting she is doing on this rug!
Above, Marsha is working on a nice primitive saltbox rug.

I'm so fortunate to be able to hook with this group every other week....they keep me and each other inspired!
Go forth and be creative,


  1. ohman...I am so envious that you have that wonderful group. (I might have mentioned this before.) What a lot of fun and inspiration that would be. LOVE all the rugs that are being worked on.

  2. They are all wonderful.Love being able to see things in progress. But....where is yours???

  3. WOW Tammy what GREAT rugs are being hooked in your group!!! And BIG too!!!! Each one different & each one beautiful!!!! It sure would be hard to pick a favorite!!!

  4. Kathy,
    That night I left my rug in the car...I was busy putting more wool on the shelves and just soaking up everyone's rugs.
    But, thanks for the rug is STILL in the car....I need to get that dude out of there and start working on it!!!

  5. WOW! What gorgeous rugs!! I love them all!!!

  6. Oh my goodness, what great pictures and rugs. I recognize Jo Lynn and Rita from being in the shop last week. Oh I know you gals are having lots of fun. Joan's rug with the leaves and acorns is to die for. Would love to know the rug designer please. They are all wonderful. So fun to see such a beautiful blog.

    primitive woolen

  7. Yeah. By the way...Joan's acorn and leaf rug...where is that from? I absolutely LOVE it!!! Love how rich and warm it looks. Please tell Joan that some of us lusting after it. {grin}

  8. What great photos...thanks for sharing...I get so pumped up looking at prim rus...they are all a treat!

  9. The Oak Leaves and Acorn rug that Joan is working on is from Rhonda Manley at Black Sheep Wool Designs.

  10. fabulous rugs - I love Rita's!