Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More remodeling

Wow! What a difference a few days make.....here is our kitchen now!
Yep, everything is gone!!! If you want to see more pictures just click HERE

Needless to say there won't be any cooking or dyeing going on for a few weeks in this house!
Right now I'm trying to find places to put everything. I have drinking glasses in the medicine cabinet and all of our boxed food on a table in my rug hooking room, as well as all of the pictures and mirrors that I had to take down off the walls.

Things, they are a changing!!!

Go forth and be creative,



  1. WOAH!!!!!!!! Didn't realize you guys were TOTALLY GUTTING it!!!
    Wooohoo! Let the fun begin! LOL!

  2. Holy Schmoly, Tammy!!! How are ya gonna survive not eating or dyeing??? haha! What a mess...but it will be worth it! Can't wait to see more photos!