Friday, April 11, 2008

Breaking for lunch


  1. Oh this is kewl Tammy! I love watching people's progress when hooking - somehow it really brings attention to things you don't SEE as clearly when the whole piece is done! And just gotta tell ya i LOVE the random colors you are using in the smaller elements (like leaves and such) it makes them come alive!! I learned this little trick a month or three ago, when hooking a 2 foot flower! LOL Now just to actually remember it and use it regularly!! LOL! This is going to be a tres kewl piece!

  2. Tammy...WOW, you are making some progress!!! Love the colors you're using!

  3. Thanks gals :)
    I pulled all of those colors in the previous post and I'm using those, but I'm trying to add in gobs of my works to make it more takes longer to hook this way, but I think it's worth it.