Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pumpkin on the Vine

Here is another wool collection for your consideration.

"Pumpkin on the Vine"

The dark green wool with the gold and cranberry windowpane is 1/4 yard measuring 14" x 33".

The second wool is a great plaid that is about 1/8 yard measuring 16" x 12" and the third wool is a great rusty orange with a wide windowpane about 1/8 yard measuring 16" x 14".

All of these wools are from Rebecca Erb and I think they look smashing together.

This collection is $12 and shipping will be $2.00 first class or $4.60 priority.


E-mail me by clicking on the mailbox if you are interested. Once again...only available to my blog readers.

Please type "Pumpkin on the Vine" in the e-mail subject.

Go forth and be creative,



  1. Lovely woolens, Tammy...and I did catch the 'pumpkin...' look 'smashing' together...smashing pumpkins...hahahahaha! Too funny!

  2. Jacque,
    I was wondering if anyone would catch're good!