Thursday, April 24, 2008

Busy day yesterday

Okay, so I thought since yesterday it was my "day off" I might get to hook a bit....



More progress on the kitchen....spoke with my contractor and designer and they came out to get some of the doors to take them to put seed glass in them....YAY!

Also was given the go ahead to paint the ceiling.....finished the kitchen side before they came to start installing the floor and finished up the dining room while trying to watch American Idol at the same time.

I'm pulling for David Cook....just in case you are curious.

Got the yard day yesterday...I think it got up to 77.....beautiful....but we got lots of rain last night, but today was beautiful, yet again.

Here are a few shots of the garden that Kenny took.I just love the bleeding hearts....they are one of my graceful!

I haven't had much time to make anything from our Primitive Rug Hookers Group....but if you look at the side bar you can see a few things that they are making.

Go forth and be creative,



  1. Tammy, WOW! Your kitchen is really starting to look very close to finished and hey.....I'm in love with your new floor. Are they 12x12 ceramic or some other kind of stone? Just gorgeous!

    And your garden. Although we don't live that far north of you, I'm always amazed at how much further along your plants and flowers are.

    Are you sure I can't rent Kenny from you for a while? Just send him north on a day when you're tired of him. I have a vision in my mind for my backyard but can't get to it now and am having a huge problem transferring my vision to the dirt.

    My next youngest sister, in Little Rock, just finished a 5 week remodel of her kitchen. Said it was total hell living through it but it's so worth it now that it's done.

  2. Looks like you'll be cookin' in the kitchen in no time!! It's coming along beautifully!

  3. Hey Tammy...sure looks like spring at your house! Still not quite making it here in good ole Wisconsin. Your kitchen is coming along beautifully...cannot wait for it to be done (you too, hey??) and the flooring is really cool!

  4. JoJo,
    The floor is 16x16 earth gouged slate. I think it was probably a real pain to lay because it is different colors and thicknesses but we are loving it....they are putting in the grout as we speak.
    Yes, Kenny is totally wasting his talents working at the post office....he should really be a landscaper....he has quite a talent for it!!