Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lots of boxes.....

.....gobs of boxes arrived today that contain my cabinets.....will post pictures tomorrow as they excited!!!!

No pictures, but in the meantime look at all of the fun sheep jammies I found at Amazon over to the right.....too cute!

These are just 9.99! Wow! Hanging out and hooking in these fun sheep pajamas


  1. Whaaaa! Tammy, the link isn't working for the sheep PJ's. Could you try it again? I'd love to see them (and maybe order some!)

  2. Hi Gayle,
    I think the link is working now, but you can also get to it from the little Amazon bar over to the right hand side of the page...just arrow up or down to see what you want and then click on it.
    Fun huh?!