Monday, August 27, 2007

A few items added to Etsy

Just a few things that I've made and added to my Etsy store.
I just love this Flirty Snowgirl of my first forays into altered hooking. She's been hooked, prodded, needle felted, glittered and buttoned. As my friend Carol said, "if you could be a snowman....this would be you!"
I decided to put her on Etsy to give myself room for new creations.

Also, I finally sat down and made one of the coiled wool trivets that I showed you back here. Really a fun way to use up left-over wool strips!
Also on Etsy for just $19.00
I've also made some pumpkin pins using this coiling technique along with some needle felting. I'll try to get pictures of those on here tomorrow as well as the scissor keeper that was inspired by one of the hookers in our group, Katie. This is the scissor keeper she made for Dulcy that started it all!
In the near future I'm hoping to start a Flickr album that the readers here can contribute album dedicated to altered hooking.....I'll give you more details as this comes along.
Go forth and be creative,

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