Sunday, August 5, 2007

Life in the Ozarks

Yesterday I spent part of my morning and afternoon at our wonderful "Ozark Empire Fair". Full of rides and carnival games.I went to join our group..."The Ozark Rug Hookers" demonstrate rug hooking. This is a rug that Kathy Donaldson is working on of her two cats. Truly incredible! She has drawn this herself and I think she started this project with teacher Elizabeth Black.My friend Patti and I took time to walk around and look at the animals that people have brought to show and compete against one another.

There were lots of poultry......Patti and I decided that if we were chickens this one below would be her....totally classy!

And this one would be me now......and this one would be me when I'm older....We loved the color and design of the feathers of this one.
....and also the color of the feathers of this one....So many chickens and all so unique!
For those of you who have never been to a county fair I do want to stress that the people who bring their animals to show and compete take VERY good care of their animals.

They groom them for competition..........and even sleep with them in the cattle barns.Now that is was probably 93 degrees outside yesterday when I took these pictures. A lot of the cattle had fans with misters blowing cool misty air on them.

The cows are always my favorites and during my childhood my cousins showed Guernsey dairy cattle and I spent a lot days hanging out in the cattle barn at the fair.

Here are some Guernsey cows....known for their rich cream!!!Can you see the big fans blowing air on them?What cute little calves....I think the girl we talked to said the one up towards the front of the picture was just 2 weeks old.There were other cows as well.....can you tell I kind of have a thing for them....they have those sweet big eyes!!!There were also lots of goats there yesterday as well. Funny little creatures who would bleat at us to be petted.We also saw a horse or mule.....not sure.....Sandy...if you happen to be reading this maybe you can clear up the mystery for us! (Sandy and her husband raise mules)Of course.....what rug hooker could not get a few pictures of sheep! Not many to take pictures of...the sheep were shown earlier in the week, but there were a couple of them in the "birthing" barn (air-conditioned) waiting to give birth.Here's one pretty mama to be...And this one had the prettiest many colors in it!

I even had to get a close-up of beautiful!

At the fair there are other competitions as well......produce, flowers, quilting, rug hooking and on and on.

There were beekeepers of those things I think I'd like to do someday. Very fascinating. Finally, the fair "experience" would not be the same for me without one of these!!! The famous "slawdog"....a wonderful concoction of hotdog topped with chili, onions and coleslaw....there is nothing tastier to this Ozarks girl. I've really been trying to eat healthy these past few weeks to get ready to lay by the pools in Las Vegas, but I did allow myself this one guilty pleasure is too short to miss out on these!!! Foot long no less!!!!I hope you've enjoyed my trip to the Ozark Empire Fair and I'll see you next week when I return from Vegas!

Go forth and be creative,


P.S. My "Big Truvy" rug won grand champion!!!!


  1. Hey Tammy...WOW...Grand do we now need to bow before you? Just kidding. I think you did an outstanding job on your Big Truvy rug...definitely worth keeping it around, hey? (grin) Have a great time in Vegas and I am sooo looking forward to all the photos! (Loved your blurbs with the chix!) Your blog always makes me smile.

  2. Tammy,
    I love your chicken pictures and comments. I howled over the chickens you and Patti are and will become. It reminds me of my friend Alice who said to me one Sunday in church (after a cute baby was carried by)"That's what my little dog would look like if she was a baby." Hope you have a fantastic time in Vegas!!! kiss Elvis for me. And congrats again on your OEF win! Katie

  3. Tammy - congratulations on Big Truvy!!! I saw pictures on Wool Snippets and that rug is spectacular - no wonder it won grand champion. Wheahoo!


  4. Tammy! I am soooo happy to hear of your well deserved win!!!!


  5. Tammy congrats on Big Truvy!! We'd better be seeing her and your turkey in celebrations this year!!!! Those "in your face" rugs are sooo awesome - keep it up!!!
    Bren :0)