Sunday, August 26, 2007

Summer is beginning to fade

I am starting to feel summer nod his head to fall.
The flowers are tired from all of the summer heat and I think everyone is ready for things to cool off.
They haven't here....cooled off that is....but I am sure ready for it!
Here are a few pictures from the garden....I really had to search to find things that weren't tired and wilted, but there are a few flowers who are happy despite the heat.
The morning glories are taking shelter and making friends with the bamboo plants. The zinnias in the side yard are still rocking along.
On the rug hooking front:
Yesterday we had a good long rain and it gave me a chance to dye up some beautiful skies for Valerie and Ter'e.

....and here are some skies I dyed for Valerie....

Then, just for fun, I dyed up a few more sky wools which will be appearing in my eBay and Etsy stores within the next few days.

Tonight I get to go over to Renee's house for her monthly hooking group and if I can rememer to take my camera I'll bring back some pictures for you!
Go forth and be creative,

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